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How to Become a Stenographer

A person who records speech in shorthand and type the same is called stenographer. Stenographer job is suitable for both male and female. As the demand of Stenographer in government departments is greater as compare with private sector, therefore, we hereunder discuss the government sector mainly.How to Become a StenographerIn order to become a stenographer, two basic requirements are Qualification and Shorthand & Typing. Howev...

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What is Stenography

What is stenography: The word stenography is derived from two Greek words "Stenos" meaning narrow and "Graphie" meaning writing. It is writing of a language in short form to achieve clarity and objectivity with the aim to save the time and dispose of the work. It is also termed as shorthand. It consists of symbols and abbreviations for words and common phrases which allow a stenographer to write as quickly as a person speaks. ...

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