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Last update: May 27, 2014


What is stenography: The word stenography is derived from two Greek words "Stenos" meaning narrow and "Graphie" meaning writing. It is writing of a language in short form to achieve clarity and objectivity with the aim to save the time and dispose of the work. It is also termed as shorthand. It consists of symbols and abbreviations for words and common phrases which allow a stenographer to write as quickly as a person speaks. A person who is recording these symbols and abbreviations is called stenographer. Stenographer uses stenographic pencil or pen to write on note book / plain paper and then he types them on typing machine or computer, as the case may be. Primary objective of shorthand / stenography is to record oral dictation or discourse for compact, meaningful, comprehensive and to the point expression. Stenography and stenographer are important part of Government Departments, Courts, Private Organizations, Journalism etc. for disposal of official correspondence and maintaining of record.

History of Stenography

Historically, Greeks were the first to use the shorthand in 4th Century BC but it was on stones in the shape of symbols. In Imperial China, courts have stenographers for recording of courts proceedings at swift pace. Stenography was developed in Europe in 16th Century where it continued to develop. Sir Isacc Pitman was pioneer of shorthand and he developed the most famous and adopted shorthand system which has been applied in fifteen languages. In late 19th century, Japanese translated and adopted the Pitman's System which has been in application since then. Pitman system was replaced by American Graham System but it is still widely used. In Pakistan Pitman system (shorthand method) is being used and applied to teach stenographer in order to perform the official correspondence and work.

Stenography Profession

Stenography is a technical skill. It is the profession which is suitable for both male and female who can adopt it for a very good career with proper attention and hard work. There are ample opportunities for career progression for stenographer round the world.

Writer is a Punjab Government servant (Pakistan). He writes voluntarily


Posted by Saif

kia stenographer ki job k liye stenography Ka koi course/course karna lazmi he ya him apni ability ki base py apply Kar sakty hen

Posted by A Habib

Dear Saif, Yes, you must know Shorthand and typing. You need to locate some institutes that offer shorthand course.

Posted by faizullah kakar

Thank you sir, but i want to know which shorthand is nowadays used in Pakistani courts for stenography, i will be waiting for your reply

Posted by jam yaqoob

great inform thanks

Posted by Pennel

Which shorthand requires in Pakistan?
Gregg or pitman??

Posted by Abeeha Khan

Pitman is being followed in pakistan

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