About Us

CAREERMIDWAY.COM is a non-profit making website which helps the job seekers to find their desired job opportunity. To get this website functioning, we the group of students and other volunteers working together freely for learning and skill implementation purpose.

The group mainly strives to provide career related information just to facilitate jobs seekers, students and businessmen who don't have time to see whole papers for national and international jobs in accordance with the skills they have. We come up forthwith whenever any one of us have free time to make this website more informative.

Although the group endeavours to improve this website day by day, the group also appreciates those guys to join who intend to learn or implement their skills in website development / designing. So if you have free time and ready to work freely, feel free to join us.

Who we are?

Careermidway.com is an effort of lofty aspirants. We voluntarily bridge seekers with employers and other career building sources.