How to Prepare Yourself for Job Interview

Last update: November 21, 2014

Interview is a stage in which one has to prove his mettle. Your knowledge, skills, communication even your body language must impress the interviewer. You need to show that you are perfect one who fulfills the job requirements. So interview is an opportunity where either you can grab or lose the success. Therefore, before entering the realm you need to prepare yourself in all respect.

Beware that interviewing is a skill; as with all skills, preparation and practice enhance the quality of that skill. Better preparation can make the difference between getting a job offer and getting rejected. Practice makes a man perfect in every sphere of life. One can only improve style and acumen with practice. Here are some common practices that can help you reach your goal:

  • Carry thorough research on your subject before appearing in the interview.
  • Revise your educational subjects, training courses and experiences.
  • Prepare short tips and questions of your notices.
  • Learn some lessons from your past experiences of interviews and never repeat same mistakes.
  • One must prepare a list of likely question.
  • Make it a routine to read general books, news paper etc.
  • Try to overpower hesitation and shyness.
  • Stand before the mirror and practice interviewing by asking questions from yourself in a loud voice.
  • Observe your body language while you are standing before the mirror.
  • Try to keep eye contact with your own picture before the mirror.
  • Repeat this practice time and again in front of the mirror.
  • Make it a habit to read in a loud voice in the room.
  • Go alone for practice.
  • Try to arrange mock interviews with your friends.
  • Ask your friend to give you constructive, positive, productive, beneficial and useful criticism on speaking style, mannerisms, and poise.
  • Make a video or audio-tape of your answers for future review. Scrutinize your video or audio-tape carefully that how you look and sound and note inflection of your voice, mannerisms and gestures, facial expressions, poise, energy and enthusiasm in your answers as well as in your body language.
  • Extract from your practice that how can you improve, enhance, develop, or revise your answers and delivery?
  • As you practice, avoid colloquialisms, such as "like" and "you know." It's important to prepare yourself for talking with complete strangers.
  • Your preparation should also include actual practice of typical and targeted interview questions. Prepare a succinct, clear answer to each of the questions in the interview questions section.
  • Better and fluent English skills are the key to success in the interview.

Bintey Ali is a teacher in public sector institute. She has thrill of teaching and welfare.


Posted by Majid Islam

I found above tips good for an interview and every individual should practice for interview, it would be really works.

Posted by Mehmood shaikh

I have read tips. All of them are good and useful but it should be in urdu.

Posted by fouzia

it is really good and really working

Posted by ihsan qadir

Its very beneficial and everyone should try to be with these qualities while going for interview.thanks

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