Job Switching Do's and Don'ts

Last update: May 24, 2015

According to a Monster International Poll conducted in January this year, approximately 85% of working professionals are considering a career move and will switch jobs as soon as a promising vacancy comes along.
If you are among this 85%, factor in the following before making the switch:

Duration of current employment. If you have been working for less than three months at your current organisation, hold off on making a quick switch; the 'settling in' period at a new job typically ranges between three to six months. Once you are familiar with the work and the people you are working with, you may discover aspects of the job that you enjoy and which were not evident initially. However, if after five years of working at an organisation you still feel unchallenged, then keep an eye out for vacancies. Quit only when you have received a job offer; gaps in employment history are considered as a 'red flag' by recruiters.

Extent of learning opportunities available. If your existing job utilises your talent and allows you to develop your skill set, then do not quit only because the compensation does not meet your expectations or is below the market average. Consider it as a long-term investment to maximise your potential. On the other hand, if your job entails performing repetitive, mundane tasks with no opportunities for growth, then begin an active job hunt, even if you are satisfied with the pay scale, otherwise your skill set will become obsolete.

Scope for job enhancement. If you are dissatisfied with your current job and are unable to find alternative employment, look for ways to make your work more rewarding. Many organisations encourage their employees to volunteer for social causes as this contributes to a more engaged and hence productive workforce. Or, take the initiative and pitch project ideas that interest you and are also profitable for the organisation. This will add to your experience and increase your worth for the organisation.

This article was originally published in Dawn (Pakistan) dated 24th May, 2015

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