Word Formation - Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives

Very often we form many words from one and the same root, e.g. friend, friendship, friendly, unfriendly, friendless, friendliness, and befriend. A study of the formation of words is, therefore, not only interesting but also fruitful. Here is list of Noun words, Verb words and Adjective words to learn, how to form Nouns from Verbs, Verbs from Noun, Nouns from Adjectives, Adjectives from Nouns, Verbs from Adjectives, Adjectives from Verbs, Abstract Nouns from Concrete Nouns:

Formation of Nouns from Verb Words

Verb Words Noun Words
Abide Abode
Abound Abundance
Accuse Accusation
Achieve Achievement
Acquaint Acquaintance
Add Addition
Admire Admiration
Admit Admission
Agree Agreement
Allot Allotment
Amuse Amusement
Apply Application
Appoint Appointment
Approve Approval
Arrive Arrival
Ascend Ascent
Assure Assurance
Attend Attention
Attract Attraction
Bear Birth
Behave Behavior
Believe Belief
Belong Belonging
Bite Bite, bit
Bless Blessings
Break Breakage
Bury Burial
Carry Carriage
Choose Choice
Civilizes Civilization
Collect Collection
Compare Comparison
Compel Compulsion
Compete Competition
Complete Completion
Conceal Concealment
Confer Conference
Confine Confinement
Confirm Confirmation
Consider Consideration
Convert Conversion
Cooperative Cooperation
Create Creation
Criticize Criticism
Decide Decision
Defend Defence
Define Definition
Deliver Delivery
Deny Denial
Depart Departure
Describe Description
Destroy Destruction
Determine Determination
Die Death
Digest Digestion
Direct Ditch
Discover Direction
Disturb Disturbance
Divide Division
Do Deed
Drive Driver
Educate Education
Enjoy Enjoyment
Enter Entry
Entreat Entreaty
Envelop Envelope
Erect Erection
Examine Examination
Exceed Excess
Exist Existence
Expand Expansion
Expect Expectation
Expel Expulsion
Expire Expiry
Explain Explanation
Express Expression
Extent Extension
Fail Failure
Feed Food
Flow Flood,
Fly Flight
Forgive Forgiveness
Furnish Furniture
Give Gift
Govern Government
Grieve Grief
Grow Growth
Hate Hatred
Hold Hilt, Hold
Imagine Imagination
Increase Increment
Inherit Inheritance
Injure Injury
Inquire Inquiry
Inspect Inspection
Inspire Inspiration
Intend Intention
Introduce Introduction
Investigate Investigation
Invite Invitation
Irrigate Irrigation
Join Joint
Judge Judge, Justice
Know Knowledge
Laugh Laughter
Learn Learning
Lend Loan
Lose Loss
Mix Mixture
Move Movement
Multiply Multiplication
Obey Obedience
Object Objection
Oblige Obligation
Occupy Occupation
Offend Offence
Omit Omission
Oppose Opposition
Pass Passage
Pay Payment
Perform Performance
Please Pleasure
Populate Population
Pray Prayer
Prefer Preference
Prepare Preparation
Preserve Preservation
Press Pressure
Proclaim Proclamation
Produce Production
Project Protection
Prophesy Prophecy
Propose Proposal
Prosper Prosperity
Prove Proof
Provide Provision
Qualify Qualification
Rebel Rebellion
Receive Receipt
Recite Recitation
Recommend Recommendation
Recover Recovery
Reduce Reduction
Refer Reference
Refresh Refreshment
Refuse Refusal
Relieve Relief
Remain Remainder
Remove Removal
Repeat Repetition
Repent Repentance
Revolve Revolution
Satisfy Satisfaction
See Sight
Sell Sale
Serve Service
Settle Settlement
Sew Shock
Shake Seed
Sing Song
Sit Tale
Slay Seat
Solve Slaughter
Speak Solution
Spell Speech, Speaker
Steal Spelling
Strike Stealth
Subtract Stroke
Succeed Subtraction
Supervise Success
Tell Supervision
Thieve Theft
Think Thought
Translate Translation
Treat Treatment
Try Trial
Unite Unity, Union
Vacate Vacancy
Vary Variety
Wed Wedding
Weigh Weight
Withdraw Withdraw

Formation of Verbs from Noun Words

Noun Words Verb Words
Advice Advise
Beauty Beautify
Blood Bleed
Circle Encircle
Class Classify
Colony Colonies
Courage Encourager
Custom Accustom
Danger Endanger
Depth Deepen
Difference Differ
Fame Defame
Force Enforce
Freight Frighten
Friend Befriend
Glass Glaze
Glory Glorify
Gold Gild
Grass Graze
Hand Handle
Haste Hasten
Height Heighten
Heir Inherit
Horror Horrify
Joy Enjoy
Knot Knit
Length Lengthen
Life Live
Magnet Magnetise
Memory Momorise
Nation Nationalize
Necessity Necessitate
Office Officiate
Peril Imperil
Power Empower
Practice Practise
Publicity Publish
Radio Radiate
Slave Enslave
Society Associate
Spark Sparkle
Strength Strengthen
Sympathy Sympathise
System Systematize
Table Tabulate
Television Televise
Terror Terrify
Vapour Evaporate
Vigour Invigorate

Formation of Nouns from Adjective Words

Adjective Words Noun Words
Able Ability
Absent Absence
Accurate Accuracy
Active Activity
Brave Bravery
Brutal Brutality
Busy Business
Civil Civility
Coward Cowardice
Decent Decency
Difficult Difficulty
Diligent Diligence
Dry Drought
Durable Durability
Efficient Efficiency
Foolish Folly
Frank Frankness
Free Freedom
Lame Lameness
Lazy Laziness
Loyal Loyalty
Merry Merriment
Moist Moisture
Moral Morality
Mortal Mortality
Noble Nobility
Neutral Neutrality
Novel Novelty
One Oneness
Patient Patience
Perfect Perfection
Pious Piety
Polite Politeness
Popular Popularity
Poor Poverty
Possible Possibility
Present Presence
Prior Priority
Private Privacy
Proud Pride
Prudent Prudence
Punctual Punctuality
Frugal Frugality
Gallant Gallantry
Gay Gaiety
Generous Generosity
Great Greatness
Happy Happiness
Holy Holiness
Honest Honesty
Hospitable Hospitality
Hot Heat
Human Humanity
Important Importance
Inferior Inferiority
Innocent Innocence
Insane Insanity
Jealous Jealousy
Pure Purity
Quick Quickness
Rapid Rapidity
Rival Rivalry
Sacred Sacredness
Safe Safety
Scarce Scarcity
Secret Secrecy
Senior Seniority
Sever Severity
Short Shortage
Silent Silence
Slow Slowness
Solitary Solitude
Special Specialty
Splendid Splendor
Supreme Supremacy
Sure Surety
TRUE Truth
Uniform Uniformity
Vain Vanity
Weak Weakness
Wise Wisdom
Young Youth

Formation of Adjective Words from Noun Words

Noun Words Adjective Words
Accident Accidental
Advantage Advantageous
Adventure Adventurous
Advice Advisable
Affection Affectionate
Air Airy
America American
Angel Angelic
Anger Angry
Arabia Arabian
Asia Asiatic
Atmosphere Atmospheric
Autumn Autumnal
Beauty Beautiful
Blood Bloody
Body Bodily
Book Bookish
Boy Boyish
Brass Brazen
Brother Brotherly
Brute Brutal
Center Central
Ceremony Ceremonial
Cheer Cheerful
Child Childish
China Chinese
Circle Circular
Clay Clayey
Colony Colonial
Comfort Comfortable
Contempt Contemptible
Crime Criminal
Custom Customary
Danger Dangerous
Day Daily
Earth Earthen
Ease Easy
East Eastern
Economy Economical
Emperor Imperial
Enemy Inimical
England English
Essence Essential
Example Exemplary
Expense Expensive
Fable Fabulous
Faith Faithful
Fame Famous
Fate Fateful
Father Fatherly
Fault Faulty
Favour Faveourable
Fever Feverish
Fiction Fictitious
Fire Fiery
Flower Flowery
Fog Foggy
Fool Foolish
Force Forceful
France French
Friend Friendly
Frost Frosty
Fruit Fruitful
Fury Furious
Gas Gaseous
Germany German
Ghost Ghostly
Gift Gifted
Glass Classy
Gloom Gloomy
Glory Glorious
God Godly
Gold Golden
Grass Grassy
Greed Greedy
Habit Habitual
Hair Hairy
Hand Handy
Harm Harmful
Harmony Harmonious
Haste Hasty
Haze Hazy
Heart Hearty
Heaven Heavenly
Heredity Hereditary
Hero Heroic
Hill Hilly
Holland Dutch
Home Homely
Honour Honourable
Horror Horrible
Hour Hourly
Hunger Hungry
Ice Icy
Ignorance Ignorant
India Indian
Industry Industrial
Japan Japanese
Joke Jocular
Joy Joyful
King Kingly
Labour Laborious
Land Landed
Language Linguistic
Law Lawful
Life Lifelike
Limit Limited
Lord Lordly
Love Lovely
Machine Mechanical
Man Manly
Medicine Medicinal
Memory Memorable
Merchant Mercantile
Mercy Merciful
Merit Meritorious
Might Mighty
Military Martial
Milk Milky
Miracle Miraculous
Moment Momentary
Money Monetary
Month Monthly
Mother Motherly
Mystery Mysterious
Nation National
Nature Natural
Navy Naval
Need Needy
Neighbor Nieghbouring
Notice Noticeable
Number Numeral
Ocean Oceanic
Office Official
Oil Oily
Origin Original
Ornament Ornamental
Pakistan Pakistani
Palace Palatial
Passion Passionate
Peace Peaceful
Persia Persian
Picture Pictorial
Play Playful
Population Populous
Practice Practical
Price Percious
Pride Proud
Profit Profitable
Quarrel Quarrelsome
Question Questionable
Red Reddish
Ruin Ruinous
Russia Russian
Sand Sandy
Science Scientific
Sense Sensible
Silk Silken
Silver Silvery
Slave Slavish
Smoke Smoky
Society Social
Space Spacious
Spain Spanish
Spark Sparking
Sponge Spongy
Star Starry
Stone Stony
Storm Stormy
Study Studious
Success Successful
Sun Sunny
Sympathy Sympathetic
System Systematic
Talk Talkative
Taste Tasty
Terror Terrible
Thirst Thirsty
Thought Thoughtful
Tribe Tribal
Trouble Troublesome
Turkey Turkish
Type Typical
Use Useful
Value Valuable
Velvet Velvety
Vice Vicious
Vigour Vigorous
Virtue Virtuous
Voice Vocal
War Warlike
Water Watery
Will Willing
Wind Wincy
Winter Wintry
Woman Womanly
Wood Wooden
Wool Woolen
World Worldly
Worth Worthy
Wretch Wretched
Year Yearly
Youth Youthful
Zeal Zealous

Formation of Verbs from Adjective Words

Adjective Words Verb Words
Able Enable
Base Debase
Bitter Embitter
Black Blacken
Board Broaden
Brief Abbreviate
Certain Ascertain
Cheap Cheapen
Civil Civilizes
Clean Cleanse
Clear Clarify
Dark Darken
Dear Endear
Deep Deepen
Dense Condense
Different Differentiate
Double Duplicate
Equal Equalize
False Falsify
Familiar Familiarize
Fast Fasten
Fertile Fertilise
Fine Refine
Flat Flatten
General Generalize
Glad Gladden
Hard Harden
Humble Humiliate
Just Justify
Large Enlarge
Little Belittle
Local Localize
Long Lengthen
Low Lower
Mad Madden
Moist Moisten
New Renew
Noble Ennoble
Poor Impoverish
Popular Popularize
Public Publish
Pure Purify
Quick Quicken
Real Realize
Red Redden
Rich Enrich
Right Rectify
Sad Sadden
Safe Save
Satisfactory Satisfy
Sharp Sharpen
Short Shorten
Sick Sicken
Soft Soften
Special Specialize
Specific Specify
Stable Stabilize
Strong Strengthen
Sure Assure
Sweet Sweeten
Thick Thicken
Weak Weaken
White Whiten
wide Widen

Formation of Adjective Words from Verbs

Verb Words Adjective Words
Abound Abundant
Accomplish Accomplished
Act Active
Admit Admissible
Advise Advisable
Affect Effective
Apologise Apologetic
Authorize Authoritative
Beautify Beautiful
Believe Believable
Bless Blessed
Break Breakable
Compel Compulsory
Decide Decisive
Die Deadly
Exceed Excessive
Excel Excellent
Favour Favourable
Fill Full
Furnish Furnished
Grieve Grievous
Heal Healthy
Ignore Ignorant
Labour Laboriorus
Learn Learned
Limp Lame
Love Lovely
Marry Marriageable
Move Movable
Need Needy
Note Notable
Obey Obedient
Object Objectionable
Offend Offensive
Oppose Opposite
Please Pleasing
Project Protective
Quarrel Quarrelsome
Rely Reliable
Rot Rotten
Ruin Ruinous
Serve Serviceable
Shake Shaky
Steal Stealthy
Strike Striking
Study Studious
Trace Traceable
Urge Urgent
Use Useful
Vacate Vacant
Vary Various
weigh Weighty

Formation of Abstract Nouns from Concrete Nouns

Concrete Nouns Abstract Nouns
Agent Agency
Baby Babyhood
Boy Boyhood
Broker Brokerage
Brother Brotherhood
Cart Cartage
Chairman Chairmanship
Chemist Chemistry
Child Childhood
Christian Christianity
Coin Coinage
Collector Collection
Cook Cookery
Coward Cowardice
Creature Creation
Dictator Dictatorship
Enemy Enmity
Father Fatherhood
Favourite Favouritism
Friend Friendship
Hero Heroism
Infant Infancy
Judge Justice
King Kingship
Man Manhood
Martyr Martyrdom
Member Membership
Monarch Monarchy
Mother Motherhood
Neighbor Neighborhood
Owner Ownership
Patriot Patriotism
Patron Patronage
Pilgrim Pilgrimage
Regent Regency
Servant Service
Slave Slavery
Speaker Speech
Stateman Statesmanship
Young Youth

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