An Interjection is a word used to express some sudden feeling or emotion.


  1. Alas! My brother has failed.
  2. Hurrah! We have won the match.

"Alas" and "Hurrah" are "interjections" in these sentences.

Properly speaking, it is not a part of speech, for it is not grammatically related to any other word or words in the sentence. It does not express a thought. It is merely an exclamatory sound thrown in to a sentence to express some strong feeling or emotion.


  1. Joy: Hurrah! Huzza!
  2. Grief: Alas! Ah! Oh!
  3. Surprise: Ha! What!
  4. Approval: Bravo!

Common Interjections

The following is a list of the most common Interjections:

Certain groups of words or phrases are also used to express sudden feelings or emotions.


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