A Preposition is a word placed before a Noun or a Pronou to show its relation to some other word.


  1. These girls are fond of music. ("of" – a Preposition – shows the relation of "music" to "girls").
  2. I quite agree with you. ("with" – a Preposition – shows the relation of "you" to "I")

Use of Important Prepositions

The use of certain Prepositions needs some explanation. And here it is:

Common Errors in the Use of Prepositions

Any violation of the rules of the Correct Use of a Preposition leads to a serious mistake, as shown in the sentences given below:

  1. He is blind from one eye. He is blind of one eye.
  2. This cheque is of the Habib Bank. This cheque is on the Habib Bank.
  3. He swore from God. He swore by God.
  4. I said it upon his face. I said it to his face.(correct)
  5. She died from cholera. She died of cholera.
  6. He is ill from fever. He is ill with fever.
  7. It was nine in my watch. It was nine by watch.
  8. By all his faults, I love him. With all his faults, I love him.
  9. He rises at the sunrise. He rises with the sun.
  10. He beat thief by a stick. He beat the thief with a stick.
  11. Arabia is in the north of the U.A.R. Arabia is to north of the U.A.S.
  12. Open your book on page 46. Open your book at page 46.
  13. She will arrive after a few minutes. She will arrive in a few minutes.
  14. The dog ran in the hole. The dog ran into the hole.
  15. Go on your business. Go about your business.
  16. She is kind on me. She is kind to me.
  17. Monkeys live on trees. Monkeys live in trees.
  18. You quarrel on trifles. You quarrel over trifles.
  19. It is a cheque of Rs.300. It is a cheque for Rs.300.
  20. Hamna is a woman of my own heart. Hamna is a woman after my own heart.
  21. He has no child from this wife. He has no child by this wife.
  22. She was dressed with black. She was dressed in black.
  23. Eggs sell in the dozen. Eggs sell by the dozen.
  24. It is time to rest. It is time for rest.
  25. I am getting late from school. I am getting late for school.
  26. The examination begins from Saturday. The examination begins on Saturday.
  27. He goes to school by foot. He goes to school on foot.
  28. She came here on train. She came here by train.
  29. He is thankful of me. He is thankful to me.
  30. She was married with Akbar. She was married to Akbar.
  31. Put it in your pocket. Put it into your pocket.
  32. I told to him everything. I told him everything.
  33. He will accompany with me. He will accompany me.
  34. I met with him in the way. I met with him on the way.
  35. I beg pardon from you. I beg your pardon.
  36. He played cards. He played at the cards.
  37. The mother loves with the child. The mother loves the child.
  38. I went to home. I went home.
  39. She passed the examination. She passed the examination.
  40. I pitied on her. I pitied her.
  41. I shall explain you this. I shall explain to you.
  42. Hold it up in the light. Hold it up to the light.
  43. I jumped to the other side. I jumped on to the other side.
  44. We have five fingers in each hand. We have five fingers on each hand.
  45. Look this word in the dictionary. Look up word in the dictionary.
  46. No lady is in this committee. No lady is on this committee.
  47. He is like a brother for me. He is like a brother to me.
  48. Write it on the margin of your book. Write it in the margin of your book.

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