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Syllabus of PMS Exam

Last update: January 13, 2019


The Provincial Management Service Examination (PMS) exam consists of 1400 marks; the breakup of the written and (Psychological assessment and Interview) viva voce is as under:

Written Part = 1200 Marks (Compulsory + Optional Papers).
Viva Voce = 200 Marks.

Syllabus of PMS Exam

Every exam has prescribed syllabus so is the case with PMS exam and Syllabus of PMS is broad one in nature. Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) has prescribed syllabus for written examination of PMS consisting of Compulsory Subjects and Optional Subjects. The detail of PMS Syllabus is as follow:

6 Compulsory Subjects of 600 Marks

  1. English Essay: 100 Marks
  2. English (Precise, Comprehension & Translation): 100 Marks
  3. Urdu (Essay, Comprehension & Translation): 100 Marks
  4. Islamic Studies / Ethics for non-Muslims: 100 Marks
  5. Pakistan Studies: 100 Marks
  6. General Knowledge: 100 Marks

3 Optional Subjects of 600 Marks

PPSC has prescribed following seven groups for selection of optional subjects. Candidates have to take three of the optional subjects (not more than one from each group). Mere glance at syllabus of PPSC gives the impression that PMS Syllabus covers most of the degrees generally held by the candidates. Here we discuss in brief the syllabus of PMS exam. Group wise Syllabus of PMS is given below:

PMS Syllabus - Group A

The Group A generally covers the commerce based subjects.

Code No. Subject Marks
3Business Administration200
4Political Science200

PMS Syllabus - Group B

The Group B consists of Biological Sciences.

Code No. Subject Marks
6Veterinary Sciences200

PMS Syllabus - Group C

In Group C, Syllabus of PMS covers Mathematics based subjects.

Code No. Subject Marks
10Computer Science200
12Principle of Engineering200

PMS Syllabus - Group D

This Group covers Physical Sciences

Code No. Subject Marks

PMS Syllabus - Group E

Syllabus Group E of PMS Exam consists of History, Law and Mass Communication subjects.

Code No. Subject Marks
17Political Science200
20Mass Communication200

PMS Syllabus - Group F

The social subjects are covered in this group.

Code No. Subject Marks
24Social Work200

PMS Syllabus - Group G

Candidates can opt in Education or Languages subject from this Group.

Code No. Subject Marks
25English Literature200

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Posted by sana shabbir

i got syllabus of optional subjects, but t he compulsory syllabus is nowhere

Posted by A HABIB

Compulsory Syllabus of PMS exam consists of the following 6 subjects: (i) English Essay, (ii) English (Precise, Comprehension & Translation), (iii) Urdu (Essay, Comprehension & Translation), (iv) Islamic Studies / Ethics for non-Muslims, (v) Pakistan Studies and (vi) General Knowledge. Total marks of compulsory subjects of PMS Syllabus is 600 Marks (100 marks each).

Posted by Fatima

Any recommended institute to study syllabus of pms please?

Posted by A Habib

Many institutes are available to prepare syllabus of pms. In Lahore, popular ones are: KIPS, Officers Academy, Civil Service Academy and others

Posted by Rabbia Shirazi

Any recommended academy for pms prep in Faisalabad?

Posted by Anser Shoaib

How many times have you take pms exams?

Posted by Nayab Ranjha

From where we can purchase the specific books which we have to read to cover this syllabus???

Posted by Zara

Is there any recommended institute for pms in MULTAN?

Posted by Jimit Pithadiya

I want to give such exam.

Posted by Anabia

Plz sir tell me am join css who best academy and institutions for guide

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