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Syllabus Outlines of English Essay Subject for PMS Exam

Last update: July 01, 2019


English Essay Subject in PMS Exam is one of compulsory subjects. Syllabus Outlines of English Essay Subject for PMS Exam 2019 as defined by Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) Lahore is as under:

  1. Candidates would be required to write an essay in English of about 1500 words. A wide choice of topics will be given in the question paper. The topics may include those on issues related to education, economy, foreign policy, governance, human rights, constitution, law & order and other socio-economic issues related to Pakistan and topics of general nature.
  2. The candidates are expected to reflect a clear understanding of the topic, conceptual clarity and logical reasoning. Candidate's articulation, expression and correct use of English language will be examined.

Total Number / Marks of English Essay Subject: 100

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Posted by Zahid Aziz

need for prepation

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