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Last update: January 01, 2020

The Provincial Management Service Examination (PMS) exam consists of 1400 marks; the breakup of the written and (Psychological assessment and Interview) viva voce is as under:

Written Part = 1200 Marks (Compulsory + Optional Subjects).
Viva Voce = 200 Marks.

PMS Syllabus Punjab

Every exam has prescribed syllabus so is the case with PMS Exam. PMS Syllabus is broad one in nature. Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) has prescribed PMS Syllabus for written examination consisting of Compulsory Subjects and Optional Subjects. The detail of PMS Syllabus Punjab is as follow:

6 Compulsory Subjects of 600 Marks

  1. English Essay: 100 Marks
  2. English (Precise, Comprehension & Translation): 100 Marks
  3. Urdu (Essay, Comprehension & Translation): 100 Marks
  4. Islamic Studies / Ethics for non-Muslims: 100 Marks
  5. Pakistan Studies: 100 Marks
  6. General Knowledge: 100 Marks

3 Optional Subjects of 600 Marks

PPSC has prescribed following seven groups for selection of optional subjects from pms syllabus optional subjects. Candidates have to take three of the optional subjects (not more than one from each group). Mere glance at syllabus of PPSC gives the impression that PMS Syllabus covers most of the degrees generally held by the candidates. Here we discuss the PMS Syllabus briefly. Group wise syllabus is given below:

PMS Syllabus - Group A

The Group A generally covers the commerce based subjects.

Code No. Subject Marks
3Business Administration200
4Political Science200

PMS Syllabus - Group B

The Group B consists of Biological Sciences.

Code No. Subject Marks
6Veterinary Sciences200

PMS Syllabus - Group C

In Group C, Syllabus of PMS covers Mathematics based subjects.

Code No. Subject Marks
10Computer Science200
12Principle of Engineering200

PMS Syllabus - Group D

This Group covers Physical Sciences

Code No. Subject Marks

PMS Syllabus - Group E

Syllabus Group E of PMS Exam consists of History, Law and Mass Communication subjects.

Code No. Subject Marks
17Political Science200
20Mass Communication200

PMS Syllabus - Group F

The social subjects are covered in this group.

Code No. Subject Marks
24Social Work200

PMS Syllabus - Group G

Candidates can opt in Education or Languages subject from this Group.

Code No. Subject Marks
25English Literature200

Optional Subjects Syllabus Outlines

You may download pms syllabus pdf containing Optional Subjects Syllabus Outlines defined by PPSC.

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Posted by sana shabbir

i got syllabus of optional subjects, but t he compulsory syllabus is nowhere

Posted by A HABIB

Compulsory Syllabus of PMS exam consists of the following 6 subjects: (i) English Essay, (ii) English (Precise, Comprehension & Translation), (iii) Urdu (Essay, Comprehension & Translation), (iv) Islamic Studies / Ethics for non-Muslims, (v) Pakistan Studies and (vi) General Knowledge. Total marks of compulsory subjects of PMS Syllabus is 600 Marks (100 marks each).

Posted by Fatima

Any recommended institute to study syllabus of pms please?

Posted by A Habib

Many institutes are available to prepare syllabus of pms. In Lahore, popular ones are: KIPS, Officers Academy, Civil Service Academy and others

Posted by Nayab Ranjha

From where we can purchase the specific books which we have to read to cover this syllabus???

Posted by Zara

Is there any recommended institute for pms in MULTAN?

Posted by Rida Zainab

any recommended institute to study PMS syllabus in Gujranwala?

Posted by Awais Ali

One can buy books from from Urdu Bazar Lahore, but i would recommend to find a decent library where you can find most of the books related to PMS. Use that library more often, make a schedule and start your preparations.
Many people get scared of making a schedule. It is highly recommended but if one can manage to achieve his 60% of tasks daily. He/She is doing good.
Best of Luck

Posted by Atif Nawaz

Please guide me for preparation of PMS and CSS Exams, i live in Faisalabad.

Posted by Saba

Guide in subject selection for pms.
Is gender studies, public administration and u.s history is present in optional subjects

Posted by Marwa

From where I got PMS sallybus??

Posted by Muhammad Naveed

I am fresh DVM graduate...please help me how should I prepare myself for PMS exam..thanku

Posted by Azeem

I want to know about elective subjects.
Here are groups like a,b,c,d
We only can choose subjects from one group or can we choose randomly.

Posted by Aanza

In optional, can we pick two subjects from the same group? Or we have to pick 3 subjects from 3 different groups?

Posted by Hafeez Ullah Burki

Sir can i select political science and LLB at the same time. One is from group A & other is from group E. But both these sujects are combinely available in group E too. As per rules we have to only select one from each group.
Kindly assist me.

Posted by Jalal Khan

Please guide me for PMS exam i live in Mardan

Posted by samina

AoA.All subjects for pms will be in English or urdu?

Posted by Aliyan

Kindly guide me about acadmy for prepration of pms exam in gujranwala r lhr.and tel me about when the exams of pms r going to be held?

Posted by Javeria Noor

Can i choose three optional subjects from Group A? e.g commerce,business administration and political science

Posted by Umaira

Pol science two groups ma ha first group A ma second group E ma

Posted by Ubaid ur rehman

please anyone send me the most recommended books for pms compulsory subjects

Posted by Muhammad Qamar uz zaman

Shall i choose Urdu subject as optional subject as it is in compulsory subject 100 with marks??

Posted by Noor muhammad

I need syllabus in pdf form it so informative

Posted by Yasmeen akhtar

I need syllabus in pdf form and plz tell men when will be tha PMS exam start?

Posted by Asfandyar

Iam CA student..any one plz give concrete info about the subjects recommended for chartered accountants in PMS sallabus..

Posted by Sabahat Latif

Is it compulsory to select the subjects of similar group??.. or we can select subjects from different groups??

Posted by Mahnoor Murtaza

In group A and E, Both groups are having political science, can we opt both at the same time as these are from different groups?

Posted by Almina Butt

kindly let me know about recommended books for compulsory subjects?

Posted by Sobia kalsoom

A a I m B.A LLB which subjects are best for me

Posted by Sagheer Hassan

kindly guide me about the selection of subjects

Posted by Mujeeb ur rehman

Once you choose optional papers
Any process to change optional paper in recently PMS??
Please guide me dea

Posted by Umar shahzad

Please I want to know about pms slybus . I live in sweden I wish to do PMs

Posted by Muhammad Usman

Aoa,sir please guide me about the outline of compulsory sllabus of PMs ,I am bigner,

Posted by Kinza latif

Is this possible that i can select different subjects from different groups like if I select mathematics from one group and select another subject from another group??

Posted by Dr rabiya kaussar

How do we choose the subjects like how many from compulsory and how many from the optional

Posted by Liaqat Qayyum

Plaese share useful info regarding the PMS advertisement, exams and sllaybus and etc

Thanks & Regards,
Liaqat Qayyum

Posted by Malka saleem

sir plz recmoned the book for computer science urdu and psychology for

Posted by Asma

Aoa can someone guide me to select optional subjects in between mass com and public administration, and which language is best for them urdu or English?? Plzz reply

Posted by Waheed Ahmad

Please tell the name of recommend books.
Or link?

Posted by Muhammad Sohail Akhtar

In optional subject candidate would take whole group he and she might have to take some subject from one group

Posted by Abdullah Sadique

Which competitive exam is easy? CSS or PMS

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