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Last update: January 21, 2020

Central Superior Service (CSS) is the highest level competitive exam for seeking job on regular basis i.e. Grade 17 in government departments at federal as well as provincial level in Pakistan.

This is a diversified exam requiring a candidate to prepare different subjects such as English Essays, Islamiat, Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, Everyday Science and optional subjects of 600 Marks as per choice of candidate. To know about syllabus in detail, read CSS Syllabus.

Importance of Study Plan

Comprehensive and practicable study plan is basic ingredient towards successful result in CSS Exam. Written Exam is the first step, so it is the jump-off to prepare this part in efficient manner to proceed further. 60% marks in written exam is the minimum benchmark set by the successful candidates. 60% marks 720 out of 1200 of written part of CSS Exam. Every aspirant candidate should set the benchmark in written exam.

5-6 months time is considered a good period of time for preparation of CSS Exam. Even though there are few exceptions that succeeded in getting through the CSS Exam in three months preparation. Sheer hard work has no substitute but well directed hard work is required.

How to Make Study Plan

Different people learn things differently as per their attitude, interest and plan. Many successful CSS Qualifiers have narrated about their study plan. Here we discuss some of them in brief.

Study Plan No.1
We are well aware with the fact that 12 subjects of 1200 marks constitute written part of CSS Exam. So, one has to prepare them first. These 12 subjects may be prepared as per routine of one aspirant who is willing to qualify the CSS Exam. 12 subjects may be studied on 6 days a week; 2 subjects on each day.

Monday: Essay + Islamiat.
Tuesday: Current Affairs + Pakistan Affairs.
Wednesday: Everyday Science + English Composition.
Thursday: 2 Optional Subjects (let's suppose Chemistry)
Friday: 2 Optional Subjects (let's suppose Political Science)
Saturday: 2 Optional Subjects (let's suppose Environmental Science + Punjabi).

Two hours per day to one subject is a good time for its preparation. Alongside these, read one English and one Urdu newspaper to remain up to date with current knowledge.

Study Plan No. 2
Study the compulsory subjects on alternate days such as Monday, Wednesday & Friday whereas optional subjects may be studies on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. This will require 4-5 hours study per day.

Study Plan No. 3
Depute one week each to optional subjects in order to cover them and then concentrate on compulsory subjects. If we depute one week each to every subject, it will take 3 months time to complete the cycle of all subjects.

Study Plan No. 4
Fix 6 hours per day and give 30 minutes each to every subject. This plan is for who prepare CSS in a year's time.

Writer is a Punjab Government servant (Pakistan). He writes voluntarily


Posted by Rizwan

Excellent ideas. Study plans seem practical, really!

Posted by A HABIB


Posted by A Habib

Would you please recommend any study method for preparation of CSS Exam?

Posted by A Habib

For preparation of CSS Exam, group study seems good option. In group study, probably one has knowledge more than other group-members about specific subject that can be shared easily with others.
It is recommended to take your test time and again which you learn. CSS Exam is more suitable to MA English degree holders.
Besides self study, one must take guidance from a senior or any reputed academy.

Posted by Ahmed Raza

Best academy in isb for css?

Posted by Hina

Very effective

Posted by Waqas Ahmed

Best plan I follow this rolls

Posted by nadira parveen

good plan for study

Posted by Waqas Ali

Good ideas for preparation of Css .... Thanks you sir..

Posted by faheem zaman

amazing tips i regulery following it my 70% course is complete and i still have a lot of time left

Posted by Ghulam Ayesha

thankx to provide this info to manage study time.....please guide those aspirants who are not able to join any academy and are far flung areas.

Posted by Yusra khan

Recently I have done my FSC so should I start preparation for CSS from now??Is newspaper compulsory for CSS??I heard from so many people that it is just for vocabulary.Is it true??

Posted by Muazam ali

Very helpful thank you.
But I have one confusion any one clear that the confusion is BS Telecommunication System is eligible for CSS any one clear this confusion.

Posted by Kaleemullah Mahar

Thanks for giving us the road map for study time table I have heard from some resources that CSS is the game of vocabulary is it true ?

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