CSS Exam - Reasons of Failure and Suggestions

Last update: February 05, 2020

CSS Exam is conducted annually by FPSC where aspirants from all over Pakistan can measure their abilities and fortune because only those who prove themselves excellent in the test are offered government jobs to serve against key posts of the state.

Large number of graduates (Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Lecturers, Teachers, Students) appear in CSS Exam every year but minute percentage of them pass it even though all of them are qualified in their respective field.Burning question remains; what is the reason of failure of such brilliant candidates who have passed degrees during their academic period. The answer is simple one; a set of qualifications such as:

  1. Ability to grasp the concepts.
  2. Management of the study materials.
  3. Selection of papers.
  4. Ability to describe in comprehensive manner.
  5. Originality in response.
  6. Expression of positive attitude.

Reason 1: A candidate has to opt papers of 600 marks out of which 200 marks may be of the degree he / she possesses and 400 marks of subjects which are not known in depth to him / her. Besides, he/ she has to prepare for 600 marks compulsory subjects which comprises of English Essay, English Composition, Everyday Sciences, Islamiat, Pakistan affairs & Current affairs.

Suggestion: One should not follow the others while electing the optional subjects. No subject is more scoring than other; it is the material which is produced in answers which is important. It should be to the point; consistent with questions and based upon latest knowledge of the subject.

Reason 2: Mode of expression unless allowed is English and for a candidate who is not good at English; problem lies in expression. He/ She may have the complete concept of the subject but his / her mistakes in English cause the reduction in numbers which ultimately leads to failure.

Suggestion: Anyone who is aspirant to do CSS, he should work on English in depth; get coaching from excellent teacher of the subject and practice the art of writing.

Reason 3: First paper is 100 marks Essay in English which is the trend setter for candidate; if it goes well the candidates continue appearing in next papers otherwise leaving is a good option. Writing is a skill and that too in comprehensive manner in English is the main ingredient. It should be clearly borne in mind that a piece of writing needs to be in order all respects i.e. grammar, expression, phrases & idioms, absorbing and leading to some conclusion.

Suggestions: Essay writing is a technique. An essay should be in synchronized patter; introduction, expansion of subject with reasonability and sound footings, ending with conclusion.

Reason 4: Some candidates are very good at optional subjects but they are not fully equipped with the Everyday Sciences, Islamiat, Pakistan affairs & Current affairs; result is the failure. Results of CSS 2010, 2011 are prime examples where style of questions in Islamiat Paper was changed and it became the 2nd most hitting subject after English Essay. Nearly 8000 candidates could not qualify the Islamiat Paper in 2010 & 2011. Reason was questions were correlated with the modern issues and candidates were required to argument in the light of Islamic teachings.

Suggestions: Watch news channels like BBC, CNN, National Geographic, and History TV for advancements in Everyday Sciences and Current Affairs. Pakistan Affairs may be prepared on reading of newspapers and local news channels. Islamiat is not difficult if a candidate prepares it from graduation level books and modern day issues relating to Islam and its values.

Reason 5: General expression is that CSS is the most difficult examination and one, who is attempting it, takes lots of stress & pressure; result is the crumbling and non-qualification of CSS.

Suggestion: It is impossible for a candidate to fail it, if preparation is methodical and in line with the requirement of the exam. Nothing is impossible and same is with CSS. Just arrange material and prepare it without any fear. 4-5 Hours study a day is enough.

Writer is a Punjab Government servant (Pakistan). He writes voluntarily


Posted by sultan zaib

Also suggest books for CSS and pms

Posted by Taha Khan

English Essay and Precis I Find it difficult.In Precis and Compositon the Answer is there in the Paragraph then how to reproduce it in our own words.I Need Help in it.

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