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Last update: January 15, 2020

It's import to understand its syllabus before attempting an exam. The syllabus for CSS Exam differs from other exams being conducted by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC), Pakistan. It consists of two main parts i.e. written exam and viva voce. The written part comprises of two parts further i.e. compulsory subjects and selective (optional) subjects 600 marks each. The minimum level of subjects is Graduation and no specific syllabus is prescribed, however, broad guidelines are available on website of FPSC.

Marks Breakup

Firstly, the written exam is conducted. Secondly, after result, the successful candidates are called for Psychological Assessment & Interview known as Viva Voce, by panel of FPSC. The CSS Exam consists of 1500 marks; the breakup of the written and Viva Voce is as under:

Written Part = 1200 Marks.
Viva Voce = 300 Marks.
Total = 1500 Marks.

Written Part (Written Exam)

This Exam (written part) consists of 12 subjects (1200 marks); 06 Compulsory Subjects and 06 Elective (Optional) Subjects from the prescribed Groups of Optional Subjects being explained in below paras.

Syllabus for Compulsory Subjects

Following 06 compulsory subjects have been prescribed by FPSC consisting of 600 Marks. Marks of subjects at Sr. No. 4, 5 & 6 are counted collectively meaning thereby that 120 out of 300 in these subjects make a candidate pass whereas subjects at Sr. No. 1, 2 & 3 are required to be passed by minimum 40 marks in each:

Code No.SubjectsMarks
1.English Essay100
2.English (Precis and Composition)100
3.General Science & Ability100
4.Current Affairs100
5.Pakistan Affairs100
6.Islamic Studies OR Comparative Study of100
 Major Religions (For Non Muslims)
Total Marks600

Syllabus of Optional Subjects

Optional subjects (600 Marks) may be selected from the groups given by FPSC and not more than 200 marks are allowed for selection from one group. The selection of optional subjects is based upon interest of candidate and the degree he has achieved during studies. Selection of optional subjects is very important and is a base towards the marks. The revision of groups by FPSC in the recent years has made it little difficult for candidates having background in Arts & Humanities subjects as compared with Sciences.

Groups of Optional Subjects

Total seven groups are available for selection of Optional subjects. The groups have been revised by FPSC in 2016. The groups for selection of subjects are as under:

Group-I: Select one subject of 200 marks only

Code No.SubjectMarks
11Accountancy & Auditing200
13Computer Science200
14Political Science200
15International Relations (IR)200

Group-II: Select subject(s) of 200 marks only

Code No.SubjectsMarks
18.Applied Mathematics100
19.Pure Mathematics100

Group-III: Select one subject of 100 marks only

Code No.SubjectsMarks
22.Business Administration100
23.Public Administration100
24.Governance & Public Policies100
25.Town Planning & Urban Management100

Group-IV: Select one subject of 100 marks only

Code No.SubjectsMarks
26.History of Pakistan & India100
27.Islamic History & Culture100
28.British History100
29.European History100
30.History of USA100

Group-V: Select one subject of 100 marks only

Code No.SubjectsMarks
31.Gender Studies100
32.Environmental Sciences100
33.Agriculture & Forestry100
36.English Literature100
37.Urdu Literature100

Group-VI: Select one subject of 100 marks only

Code No.SubjectsMarks
39.Constitutional Law100
40.International Law100
41.Muslim Law & Jurisprudence100
42.Mercantile Law100

Group-VII: Select one subject of 100 marks only

Code No.SubjectsMarks
45.Journalism & Mass Communication100

Passing Marks of CSS Exam

Minimum passing marks in each subject is 40 and overall 600 marks are threshold for declaring the candidate as qualified for next phase i.e. Viva Voce.

Preparation Sources

  • Broad guidelines are available on FPSC website: www.fpsc.gov.pk
  • Books and Notes are available in the market covering most of the syllabus.
  • There are academies and coaching centers in big cities giving lectures on syllabus for CSS Exam.

Writer is a Punjab Government servant (Pakistan). He writes voluntarily


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Which is the best acadmy for css in islamabad?

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How many groups have selected??

Posted by Saman Khalid

Can i apply for CSS after 2 year, moreover i am medical student can i do it .What is the subject progress

Posted by Rehana Habib

What is the best selection in optional subjects. Which is the best academy for css.

Posted by Kanwal

Sir optional subjects k jo 7 groups h kia sb m s 1 subject choose krna lazmi h??

Posted by farwa akram

I am a student of ACMA I have qualified CMA inter , I am eligible for CSS exam or not

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sir i completed bachelor degree in 2018 and i am a current student of MA degree.can i eligible to attempt exam 2022?

Posted by Alsa Khan

I want know more information about css

Posted by Raveel Qureshi

Sir as a student of mass communication which subjects from group 1 & 2 are most relevant for me ?

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Thanks for this information

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Where I can get the syllabus of each subject seperately.

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