Interview Tips for Assistant in S&GAD Punjab

Last update: April 26, 2018

Services and General Administration Department (S&GAD), Punjab Civil Secretariat, Lahore announces recruitment of Assistants (Basic Scale-16) through PPSC. To shortlist the candidates who apply for Assistant job, PPSC conducts their written test. To complete the further process of recruitment, PPSC conducts an interview of the shortlisted candidates after declaration of the result of written part. Here are some important tips which can help interviewees to be successful in their interview for Assistant job.

The main constituents of a successful interview may be bifurcated as below:

  • Preparation of Interview
  • Personal Outlook
  • Personal presentation / introduction
  • Educational background
  • Know how about the post of Assistant
  • General knowledge
  • Confidence in self & conduct during the interview

Preparation of Interview: The candidates, who pass their written test, will be called for interview so they may prepare themselves. Prepare a good introduction of your personal information such as family background, educational & technical qualifications, the institutes attended during the studies, hobbies & games etc. Search about the nature/ job description of Assistant post. Improve general knowledge of graduation level. Try demo interview with some friends to practice and feel the actual environment. Practice with suit and tie such as walk, sit and move. Try to build humble tune while talking.

Personal Outlook: Wear a suit with tie that fits your body or white shalwar khameez with black or blue waist coat. Have confidence in yourself and keep smiling face. Take a bath on the interview day, shave yourself or get the bear trimmed, have light meal in the morning.

Self Introduction: In every interview, the interviewer or interviewing board always asks for self introduction, so prepare your introduction; starting from name, place of birth and ending in educational and professional experience including the family background, the institutes attended during the studies, hobbies & games etc.

Educational Background: The interviewer always asks questions about the subject a candidate has studied to check the level of knowledge so prepare about it.

Know How About the Post of Assistant: There will be questions about the Assistant post, its nature, duties & assignments so be prepared about it.

General Knowledge: In any interview, there are always questions about the general knowledge. So prepare for general knowledge in and around Pakistan as well as World such as politics, sports, sciences, showbiz, inventions and overall general knowledge of Graduation level. Watch News, read newspapers, discuss issues with friends etc.

Confidence in Self & Conduct during the Interview: During interview keep smiling, remain attentive, show eagerness, humbleness, politeness and above all confidence. Do not give wrong answer to a question, if you are not sure about it rather skip it. Try to bring the interviewer towards things which you know well and can response upon them. Do not indulge in useless discussion and argumentation. While entering the room, say good morning or salam to the interview panel and repeat the same while leaving.

Writer is a Punjab Government servant (Pakistan). He writes voluntarily

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