Promotion Scope of Assistant in S&GAD, Punjab Civil Secretariat

Last update: March 30, 2018

Career progression is ambition of every one. Climbing up the hill is much better than the staying at a particular spot; same is true for career of an individual. Promotion in a career is a timely booster which keeps an employee happier and energetic. Selection of a career is based on its promotion prospects.

If you are graduate in any discipline, have no work experience and want to start your career in government department with reasonable salary package then post of Assistant (Basic Scale-16) in Punjab Civil Secretariat is recommended for you. To grab assistant job opportunity, you need to pass its exam announced by Services & General Administration Department (S&GAD), Government of the Punjab through Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC). The post of Assistant BS-16 in Punjab Civil Secretariat, Lahore has promotion prospects as compared with the post of Assistant in other Punjab government departments / organizations. The post is governed under Punjab Provincial Management Service Rules, 2004.

Promotion Scope

The promotion chances of an Assistant are as under:-

  1. After appointment on regular basis, an appointee is assigned a seniority number which is the primary base for next promotion. The promotion is based on seniority-cum-fitness basis.
  2. After five years of regular service, the Assistant is eligible for promotion as Superintendent in Basic Pay Scale 17. Practically, an Assistant gets promotion as Superintendent after 10-12 years of regular service. The promotion is subject to completion and passing of mandatory 4-weeks training conducted by Management & Professional Development Department (MPDD).
  3. Superintendent usually gets promotion as Section Officer, Basic Scale 17, in one year. The promotion is subject to completion and passing of mandatory 6-weeks training conducted by MPDD.
  4. Section Officer has diversified chances of postings; both at Civil Secretariat, Lahore and Field Offices in Punjab. Section Officer may be posted as Section Officer, Assistant Commissioner, Sub Registrar, Special Judicial Magistrate, District Monitoring Officer, Revenue Officer, Deputy Director Anti Corruption, etc.
  5. Section Officer is eligible for promotion as Deputy Secretary, Basic Scale 18, after five years of service as Section Officer. Practically, Section Officers get promotion after 10 years. Deputy Secretary may also get postings; both at Civil Secretariat, Lahore and Field Offices in Punjab. The promotion is subject to completion and passing of mandatory 04-months training conducted by MPDD.
  6. Deputy Secretary is eligible for promotion as Additional Secretary, Basic Scale 19, having 12 years service in BS-17 and above. The promotion is subject to completion and passing of mandatory 4-weeks training conducted by MPDD.
  7. There are many examples in Secretariat where an Assistant got promotion as Additional Secretary.

Learning Opportunties

Further, the post of assistant is also much diversified in terms of learning. While his/her services, the Assistant may be posted in different government departments like education, health, social welfare, environment and many other departments/ organizations whereby the incumbent can learn relevant rules and take departmental exposures that can help enhance vision and capacity which in return is useful to complete different assigned tasks by the Government. The Government of Punjab also offers learning opportunities through its Manpower Development Department's (MPDD) to all the employees including Assistants to develop their skills and work capacity.

Writer is a Punjab Government servant (Pakistan). He writes voluntarily


Posted by Muhammad ZeeShan Haider

Sir can you please mention duties of assistant mean which kind of work he would have to perform???

Posted by Jaffer Hussain Hashmi

I m working as Assistant in BS-16 w.e.from 2012 and I am eligible for promotion as Superintendent in BS-17. but my promotion still pending. Presently I am performing my duties as assistant BS-16 at Quaid-e-Azam Medical College Bahawalpur. What should I do as many letter has been sent my principal and MS Civil Hospital Bahawalpur for DPC but from Government of specialized Healthcare Department has been received up till now.
Government should constitute a DPC for promotion purpose.

Posted by Jaffeer Hashmi

I am working as an Assistant since 2012 at Quaid-e-Azam Medical College Bahawalpur. Many letters has been sent to the Secretary Specialized Healthcare Department for constitution of DPC but no way and government is not constituting the DPC. only 9 months are remaining in my retirement and still I am waiting my promotion. Secretary S&GAD Department is requested to please promote me as Superintendent in BS 17 so that I may be able to get benefit of BS 17

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