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To Do List before Applying for Registration of an NGO

Last update: October 19, 2018


There are number of benefits to get registered a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) or Welfare Society with the government. The government offers certain financial, educational and training supports to run an NGO. There is a registration-procedure to follow and the below is a list of things you need to do before applying for in Provincial Government Departments in Pakistan:

  1. Select name of your NGO. The name must have relevance to the aims and objectives of your NGO. Also, the name must be unique so that it cannot match with already registered NGOs. In this regard, concerned registration office can help you to confirm.
  2. Decide area of operation of your NGO, rather it would work at Local level, District level, Divisional level or Province level in Punjab.
  3. Select fields, the NGO wants to render its services for, from the Schedule given under Section 2 (f) of VSWA (R&C) Ordinance, 1961.
  4. Make Constitution of your NGO. Take help from Model Constitution.
  5. Minimum 20 members for Local & Districts levels and minimum 500 members for Divisional and Provincial levels are required. So arrange members according to your area of operation level.
  6. Nominate office bearers/ executive members and general body members
  7. Make list of contacts numbers and email addresses of the Office bearers.
  8. Arrange CNICs of all members
  9. Establish an office for NGO
  10. Hold 1st meeting of members of the NGO to adopt resolution relating to Registration and also prepare its minutes.

Record to be Maintained

  • Cash Book (printed)
  • Ledger (printed)
  • Stock Register (printed)
  • Minutes Register (rolled register)
  • Membership Register (rolled register)
  • Inspection Register (rolled)
  • Printed Receipt Books bearing NOG's name and page numbers
  • Membership forms with serial numbers
  • PLS joint bank account in a scheduled bank
  • Any other document worth presentation i.e. list of paid staff and activities report etc.

Ghayoor ul Haq is a university student. He has passion of social welfare.

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