How to Register an NGO in Pakistan

Last update: October 19, 2018

Before an NGO can start work, it must be registered with government. In Pakistan, federal government and provincial governments have their mechanism for registration of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs). To get registered an NGO in Punjab, you need to contact with Social Welfare & Bait ul Maal Department, Government of the Punjab which registers NGOs in Punjab under Act "The Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration & Control) Ordinance, 1961".

Registration Procedure

Here are step by step guidelines and procedure to register an NGO in Punjab – Pakistan. It would be useful if you glance To Do List before reading below guidelines:

  1. Obtain copy of Model Constitution including prescribed format of Application Form from the Office of Deputy Director, Social Welfare and Bait ul Maal (SW&BM) of concerned district.
  2. Pay Rs.1000/- as Model Constitution charges and get its receipt.
  3. Fill up the Application Form
  4. Submit the filled up Application Form in the aforesaid office along with required documents.
  5. Applicant may be further directed towards concerned Area Office i.e. Rural Community Development Project, Community Development Project, Urban Community Development Project as the case may be to prepare registration case with the help of Social Welfare Officer also known as Area Officer.
  6. The Social Welfare Officer (SWO) shall visit the office of NGO for preparation of feasibility report.
  7. The SWO submits the registration case to the Deputy Director SW&BM after completion of all codal formalities with his feasibility report/ recommendations of registration or non-registration of NGO.
  8. The Deputy Director may also visit the office of NGO to prepare its own report and if satisfied shall recommend and forward complete registration case to the concerned Divisional Director SW&BM. In case of dissatisfaction, he may communicate observations to his Deputy Director concerned.
  9. The Divisional Director concerned shall examine the case of registration of NGO and if satisfied shall offer Special Recommendation to the members of NGO and forward case for seeking approval/ NOC from Directorate General of SW&BM, Punjab.
  10. The Divisional Director may intend to verify the particulars of members of NGO from Special Branch of Police. In this case, Deputy Director is directed to submit particulars of members of NGO on prescribed format along with complete registration case and forward the same to DG SW&BM, Punjab for the purpose.
  11. After receiving case in Directorate General, SW&BM, the Deputy Director (NGOs) submits the case before DG after thorough scrutiny of the documents to get Approval/ NOC. The case, whereupon verification of particulars of members of NGO is required, is considered "incomplete". Also, if the case seems incomplete in any aspect, the DG SW&BM may ask Divisional Director concerned for removal of observations prior to issuance of approval/ NOC.
  12. DG SW&BM has authority to approve or disapprove the case for NOC on the basis of reasons recorded in black and white.
  13. After obtaining approval of DG SW&BM, Deputy Director (NGOs) issues NOC along with complete registration case to the Divisional Director concerned. The approval intimation is also sent to the President of NGO.
  14. The Divisional Director sends that Approval/NOC to the Deputy Director and he/she issues the registration certificate to NGO.

Documents Required

The Application Form duly filled along with following documents would be submitted in the concerned Office of SW&MB Department.

  1. List of names and designations of executive body members. The number of executive body members should be odd and proportionate to the general body members.
  2. List of names, complete addresses, telephone numbers, occupation, nature of membership and computerized CNIC numbers of members of general body along with attested photocopies of their CNICs.
  3. Proposed constitution duly filled with "name" and "area of operation" of NGO. The Name must have relevance with the Objectives of NGO.
  4. Plan of action (a brief statement of the steps to be taken for establishment of the NGO with reference to accommodation, qualified personnel and equipment etc.). It is should be comprehensive, practicable and clearly indicating the financial resources required for the implementation of proposed activities.
  5. Receipt of Rs.1000/- as Model Constitution charges.
  6. Minutes of founder members' meeting in which resolution related to registration was adopted with signatures of the ¾ members.
  7. Affidavit regarding neither being affiliated with any political party or sectarian group nor being registered with any other forum/ law and indicate that members of NGO shall participate its activities without expectation of financial reward/ monetary gain etc.
  8. Feasibility reports of the Area Officer/Social Welfare Officer and Deputy Director concerned
  9. Bank certificate in which funds of the agency are proposed to be kept. Information about President, General Secretary and Finance Secretary (having joint account) as operating persons, A/C Number and updated balance that should be Rs.2000/-, Rs.5000/-, Rs.15000/- and Rs.50000/- for Local Level, District Level, Divisional Level and Provincial Level NGOs respectively.
Register an NGO - Guidelines in Urdu

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Posted by saher afshan


Posted by Ghayoor ul Haq

Respected Saher Afshan, If you want to locate relevant Social Welfare Office for registration of an NGO in Lahore, you may visit following address: Deputy Director, SW&BM LMC Town Hall near Civil Secretariat, Lahore Contact Number: 042 99212927-28 Otherwise, please tell district where you want to register your NGO.


Aslamo Aliaklum
We want to work to control Road Accidents in Punjab to avoid the death of innocent peoples and young boys in Road Accidents. Can we register our NGO THROUGH ONLINE SYSTEM. PROCEDURE GIVEN ABOVE IS VERY COMPLICATED AND DIFFICULT WHICH SHOULD BE EASY TO HELP THE PEOPLES BY THE NGOs and Associations.

Posted by Muhammad Abubakar Siddique Bhutta

Aslamoalaikum Sir/Madam
Sir I want to register the NGO for helping the poor commounity and marginalised peoples in islamabad what is the procedure , requirements and where i contact for submittion of documents.

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