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How to Renew Registration of an NGO in Punjab

Last update: October 27, 2018


A registered NGO with Social Welfare and Bait ul Maal Department, Government of the Punjab, requires renewal of its Registration Certificate after three years. Delay in renewal can cause its cancellation. Here is complete renewal procedure to follow.

Renewal Procedure:

  1. Take Renewal Forms from the Office of Registration Authority
  2. Fill up Renewal Form
  3. Deposit Rs.500/- as registration renewal fee in the Office of Registration Authority.
  4. Make two sets of documents
  5. Submit all requisite documents to the Area Officer (Social Welfare Officer) or in the office of Registration Authority of the NGO

Documents Required:

  1. Photocopy of Constitution / Registration Certificate
  2. List of executive body and office bearers with percentage, their complete addresses and contact numbers, with photocopies of CNIC
  3. List of general body numbers, their complete addresses and contact numbers, with photocopies of CNIC
  4. Bank statement for last three year
  5. List of all bank accounts open by the NGO with name of bank, branch and account number.
  6. Annual Audit reports of the last three years
  7. Annual Progress reports of the last three years
  8. List of assets of the NGO
  9. Last minutes of meeting regarding holding of election
  10. Details of the services provided and the number of beneficiaries
  11. Receipt of Rs.500/- as renewal fee

Ghayoor ul Haq is a university student. He has passion of social welfare.


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