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Introduction to Law Admission Test (LAT) in Pakistan

July 06, 2018


LAT stands for Law Admission Test; a test for those who want to become Law Graduate and pursing career in the field of Law. It is just like GRE or GAT test conducted for admissions in Graduate / Master Degree in the Universities / Colleges of Pakistan.

Literally Legum Baccalaureus generally known as LLB is the degree awarded to a person who graduates in Law. The degree of LLB is a base to pursue a career as a Lawyer, Consultant, Attorney, Judge etc.

History - With the evolution in educational practices, the professionals have developed tests for specialized fields for assessing the aptitude of students. These tests are designed for the level of degree for which the students are seeking admissions. The most famous of these tests is Graduate Record Examination Test known as GRE general conducted initially in USA and now followed in almost all over the world. Similarly, the Universities in USA started test for Law schools known as Law School Admission Test. The test has been in practice since 1945 and considered one good source to assess the aptitude of students towards Law. It comprises of six sections each of 35 duration making it 3 hours and 30 minutes test. The Law Admission Test (LAT) is in practice in India for years. The same was felt necessary in Pakistan for students seeking admission in Law Colleges and the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan has announced the same.

Law Admission Test (LAT) in Pakistan

The test will be the basic for seeking admission in LLB (5 years programme) and will be important factor in deciding the aptitude, keenness and career of an individual. The basic function of the test is to ascertain and assess the aptitude of an interested students whether he / she has the right kind of attitude towards the degree of LLB and further a career in the field of Law such as Lawyer, Consultant, Judge, Attorney, Prosecutor etc.

HEC Pakistan has announced to conduct the Law Admission Test (LAT) from 2018 for admission in LLB 5 years programme in Public and Private Sector Universities & their affiliated colleges across the country. The test will be conducted twice a year by HEC and result will remain valid for two years. The minimum qualification for admission is 12 years education and the result awaiting students may also apply. There is no fee for the test and online registration may be made on the official website of HEC Pakistan. HEC will announce the test date and other conditions twice a year.

The composition of the 100 marks test is as under:-

  1. 15 marks - Essay (200 words)
  2. 10 marks - Personal statement either in Urdu or English

Multiple Choice Questions
  1. 20 marks - English (synonyms antonyms preposition)
  2. 20 marks - General Knowledge
  3. 10 marks - Islamic studies
  4. 10 marks - Pak Studies
  5. 10 marks - Urdu
  6. 05 marks - Mathematics

The above mentioned pattern of LAT shows that the preparation may be done by consulting any graduate level general knowledge and English books. For better preparation, GRE or GAT general books may also be consulted.

Writer is a Punjab Government servant (Pakistan). He writes voluntarily


Posted by Luqman

Lat 3 year program lat Islamic international university Islamabad

Posted by Farhan Farooq

When HEC is conducting LAT test 2018 for admission in Undergraduate five-year LLB Degree Programme? Any datesheet please.

Posted by A HABIB

HEC has announced its first LAT 2018 for admission in Undergraduate five-year LLB Degree. Its last date for online registration is Tuesday July 10, 2018. Date of test will be announced in national newspapers and also on HEC website i.e.

Posted by hira

Sir is it compulsory for 3 year LLB program? Or it's just for 5 year program?

Posted by A HABIB

So far HEC announced the LAT for 5 years' degree. In future, 3 years' degree may be dropped.

Posted by naz

i have submitted the form online and got a email from hec that my form for aptitude test have been submitted .. plz tell me what does this mean? is it the confirmation for LAT test or this is something else?

Posted by Muhammad ijaz

i have submitted the form online and got a email from hec that my form for aptitude test have been submitted .. plz tell me what does this mean? is it the confirmation for LAT test or this is something else?

I want to get admission for 3 years LLB.
Is this test valid for my 3 years LLB degree program

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