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Sitting Posture Tips while Typing

Last update: December 18, 2018


An extensive sitting and keyboard work can be damaging. You can obtain good typing speed only when you have taken proper typing training in a good way. This tutorial explains how to use a computer keyboard. By practicing the following tips you can increase typing your speed and accuracy. You cannot get tired soon. And as an added bonus, proper posture can avoid discomfort and injury.

Proper Body Position

  1. Set your body straighten and comfortable.
  2. Place both feet on the floor.
  3. Tilt your elbows on right angle.
  4. There should be 40-70 cm distance between computer screen and your eyes.
  5. Your head should be in front of computer screen.
  6. Your wrest should be on the level of keyboard so that you can move your fingers easily. Fingers should not be lifted too much from keyboard
  7. Your fingers should always be on home-keys such as ASDF,   LKJ.
  8. Focus your eyes on screen while typing or on page if you are typing by looking at it.

Tips - Take Regular Breaks

Have a reasonable break while typing, means don't type continuously for longer time. It is advisable to type for 30 minutes and give yourself a break for 5 minutes so that you don't feel tired. Stand up, stretch. In fact, if you grab a glass of water on your break, you get bonus healthy points for keeping yourself hydrated as well.

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