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How to Get Disability Certificate in Punjab

May 01, 2019


What is disability certificate: Disability certificate is an authentic document / registration certificate issued by the government included findings and recommendation of the District Assessment Board about nature of disability of Persons with Disability (PwD).

To facilitate PwDs for issuance of Disability Certificate, Government of the Punjab, Pakistan has established Disability Assessment Boards at each District Headquarter (DHQ) Hospital in all over Punjab under Social Welfare and Bait ul Maal Department (Provincial Council for the Rehabilitation of Disable Persons - PCRDP). The Disability Assessment Board consists of Medical Superintendent, Doctors of the hospital and Government Officers of Punjab Social Welfare Department.

Who is Eligible for Disability Certificate?

Any person with disability as per definition given in Disable Persons (Employment & Rehabilitation)(Amendment) Act, 2012 can apply for disability certificate.

Certificate Validity: Both types of temporary or permanent disability certificate are issued.

How to Apply for Disability Certificate in Punjab

  1. Get a prescribed Disability Form from Social Welfare Office located in DHQ Hospital or Office of Deputy Director Social Welfare in your city. The person with disability has to submit back that prescribed Form duly filled up with requisite information and documents attested by a Gazetted Officer.
  2. Social Welfare Officer will prepare the case and schedule a meeting of Medical Board to assess the validity and types of disability in respect of PwD.
  3. Disable Person himself has to appear before Medical Board on the given date & time.
  4. The Medical Board checks the disable person medically to identify his/ her disability
  5. Medical Board defines the type and nature of disability.
  6. If Medical Board recommends, the disability certificate is issued by Social Welfare Department in favor of the person with disability.
  7. Disability certificate can be collected from the Office of Deputy Director Social Welfare after given date.

Information Required to Fill up Disability Form

  1. Name of disable person with parentage and spouse name (if any)
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Qualification detail.
  4. Cause of disability
  5. Address of handicapped person

Document Required for Disability Certificate

  1. Filled application proforma
  2. Copy of CNIC or B Form in case of age less than 18 years
  3. Educational degree / certificate (if any)
  4. Two Photos (passport size)

How to Make Disability Certificate in Lahore

Handicapped persons, domiciled in Lahore - Pakistan, can make their disability certificate from two government hospitals namely Services Hospital, Jail Road, Lahore and Munshi Hospital, Sagian Wala Bypass, Daata Ganj Bakhsh Town, Lahore.

What If Disability Certificate is Lost

If your disability certificate has been lost and nowhere to be found, it can be rearranged. You will have to apply to the Social Welfare Office and pass through prescribed steps again to get new disability certificate. The required documents are same with addition of a copy missing report with police station.

  1. Register an FIR about missing of your disability certificate in the relevant police station.
  2. Visit Social Welfare Office with the copy of FIR to take disability Form.
  3. Submit the Form with requisite documents.
  4. Appear before Disability Assessment Board on given date and time.
  5. You will be issued new disability certificate on the recommendation of the board.

General Information

  1. Disability Certificate is issued without any fee
  2. Certificate is issued for both "Permanent" and "Temporary" Disability.
  3. Handicapped can apply for Disability Certificate only at that DHQ Hospital in the District where they are resident of.
  4. Only Pakistani persons with disability can apply for disability certificate


PwD: PwD stands for Person with Disability.
DHQ: DHQ stands for District headquarter.
PCRDP: PCRDP stands for Provincial Council for the Rehabilitation of Disable Persons

Bintey Ali is a teacher in public sector institute. She has thrill of teaching and welfare.


Posted by Tariq

Does Social Welfare Department allow Non-Pakistani-Residents to apply for Disability Certificate?

Posted by Bintey Ali

No, only Pakistani are eligible to apply

Posted by Tariq

Who is authorized to issue Disability Certificate Punjab?

Posted by Bintey Ali

In Punjab, District Assessment Boards (DAB) of the concerned Districts is an authority to issue Disability Certificate.

Posted by Razzaq

PCRDP Punjab address please?

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