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Are You Valued at Work?

Last update: September 03, 2017

Research indicates that when employees are recognised and appreciated for their contribution to an organisation, they are motivated and consequently more productive at work. However, not all supervisors and bosses provide ongoing positive reinforcement and feedback, even to employees whose work is of the highest quality.

Here are three questions to ask to determine if you are a valued employee:

  1. Does your opinion matter? If your supervisor makes it a point to ask for your views in meetings before taking policy decisions, this is a clear indication that your opinion is respected and that your employer trusts your judgement. Therefore, it is important to weigh your words carefully before expressing an opinion; if you do not have all the facts, ask for more time to research and gather the information before making a statement
  2. Are your substitutes difficult to find? Remember, no one is impossible to replace. However, by acquiring unique competencies you can develop a skill set that is extremely difficult to replace. Learn a new language or a software, or become a member of industry organisations. To be valued by your employer, simply working hard and completing projects on time is not enough. Knowing the right people and being aware of the latest developments in the industry will help make you a sought-after employee.
  3. Does your absence make a difference? If you have returned from a vacation and your supervisor, colleagues and subordinates tell you that you were 'missed', that is a definite sign that you are a valued member of your organisation. Taking on additional responsibility, mentoring newbies and effectively resolving crisis are a few ways to ensure that you are called upon whenever there is an urgent and/or important project that needs to be completed.

This article was originally published in Dawn Newspaper (Pakistan)

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