Five Habits of Unproductive Employees

Last update: July 29, 2017

We all have unique strengths and weaknesses and while most people seem to be aware of their strengths, unfortunately, only a few recognise their weaknesses, and as a result they are unable to overcome them.
Here are five of the most common habits that unproductive and negative professionals tend to have:

  1. Holding grudges. Disagreements at work are the norm, but if you allow yourself to be consumed by a grudge, it will make you negative. The best way to deal with this is by acknowledging that you are holding on to a grudge, address the issue with the concerned individual, be it a colleague or a boss, and even if the issue is not resolved, let go and move on.
  2. Complaining. When confronted with a problem, it is very easy to start complaining to everybody in hearing distance. However, while this habit allows you to temporarily vent your frustrations, it can prove to be counterproductive in the long run as it contributes to workplace negativity. A much better strategy is to work out a solution to the problem and then discuss it with your line manager.
  3. Conforming. Agreeing with the opinions of your supervisor in an attempt to be pleasant and agreeable is a sure shot recipe for killing your individuality and creativity. Differences of opinion should be voiced if you want to grow as a professional.
  4. Tardiness. Beginning your day on time is a good thing as it allows you to start working while your energy levels are high. Furthermore, if you get into the habit of arriving late for work or for meetings you will alienate your colleagues who will find it irritating if they have to waste their time waiting for you.
  5. Procrastinating. It is always a good idea to start on a project as soon as possible, instead of waiting till the last minute because your productivity may decline as you enter 'panic mode'. Furthermore, there is a higher chance of missing deadlines if you get into the habit of procrastinating.

- Arshia Wasif Ahmed, The writer is a corporate trainer.

This article was originally published in Dawn (Pakistan) dated 23rd July, 2017

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