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7 Points Students can Learn Fast and Effectively

Last update: June 09, 2018


The process of facilitating learning, acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits is called education. Education may also be defined as:

  • In narrower sense, what we learn through books, syllabus etc. is called education.
  • In broader sense, education enables us to create our correct outlook towards the world and the ability to understand the things in right way.

In the present day, we expect our children to take A+ grades and top position in their exams but the thing is that teachers / parents must concentrate on their children to make them build skills for future life so that they may be able to live a balance life. In my opinion, this is the main purpose and objective of the education. To be able to judge the things in correct way and act accordingly is the objective of education.

Here are some fruitful constituents we should emphasize thereon to build in students so that they can learn skills, values, beliefs, habits and get knowledge fast and effectively:

  1. Build Strong Basic Knowledge: The know-how of basic knowledge of any new subject is the most important constituent as the building is built on strong base so is with learning. If someone knows the basic, he or she can perform better when it comes to practical life and better performance leads towards balance life. So we should try to make the students learn basics of a topic or subject in order to excel in it.
  2. Use of Pen and Paper: The importance of pen and paper in learning and acquiring knowledge cannot be neglected. Psychologists and Experts strongly believe that learning through pen and paper is much better than what we learn through modern technologies. It is advised that pen and paper should be used while learning as it creates sketch of a topic in mind and gives new ideas; fasten the mind thinking and grasping ability. Computers, laptops etc. do help but they have no comparison with pen and paper. Pen and paper keep uniformity, continuity and stability while the modern gadgets lack this. Students must use pen / pencil and paper to start learning.
  3. Fix Time for Study: We must make our students used to set a time-table for their daily work. A proper time may be fixed for study and during that time complete concentration may be fixed on studies. This practice raises the learning level and one may learn in better way. Two hours for early classes, 3-4 hours for higher classes may work.
  4. Take Healthy Sleep: Every living body needs rest to keep the bodily health which in return gives healthy mind; a necessity to acquire knowledge. So students should never ignore their sleep and try to manage a sleep of 6-7 hours even during the exams. Healthy mind is the most important factor in learning. Reports show that the students having good sleep perform better as compared with those who took more pressure and reduced their sleep. So parents should make such schedule for their children where they get 7-8 hours' sleep and for elder ones 6-7 hours.
  5. Avoid Multi-Tasking: In modern times, people try to do multitasking which reduces learning and grasping ability. So students must avoid it, at one time they should concentrate on one issue completely. It results in better way. The disturbance to mind during multitasking has lost of impact on learning and acquiring of knowledge. Avoid watching TV, using mobile and computers while learning.
  6. Learn and Teach Others: The students after learning a topic or subject should try to teach it to others. It further widens the scope of grasping the knowledge. So motivate the students practice like teacher after reading or writing a topic. They should try to pass on what they have learnt, it further strengthens the learning.
  7. Adopt Different Method of Learning: People learn differently. Some students learn things in better way while reading them loudly; others do it by listening, some by hints or important points, some by group-study and some by studying lonely. So ask the students to try different methods of learning and choose the one which best suits them and then stick to it.

Bintey Ali is a teacher in public sector institute. She has thrill of teaching and welfare.

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