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How to Improve Learning Skills in Children

Last update: May 05, 2018


Learning is a process which never stops in life span but it is the most fast and effective in childhood. It is understood that things learned in childhood last forever. Psychologists agree on the point that learning process is very effective and everlasting in the early childhood. Parents wish to see their children learn things very fast. It is imperative to provide them the environment which is helpful for constructive learning. Here we shall discuss some important aspects which may help in learning process in children. Although, it is understood that learning abilities are inherited in offspring from their parents but recent studies have shown that the ability to learn in a child may be improved in certain ways. Even low learning children have been trained to improve their learning skills.

Main factors for improvement in learning process are as under:-

  • Mother's Feed: It has been studied in a research that children fed by mother's milk were much faster in learning as compared with those who were fed by artificial or cow milk. Mother's milk is very good for nourishment of infants and keeps them save from diseases.
  • Fitness: Bodily health has great connection with mental health & learning by mind. So parents should concentrate on improving child physical health. Healthy sports is a way to improve the physical health and creates cooperation with others.
  • Video Games: Constructive videos games are helpful in creative thinking process and planning. In order to inject creativity in a child games with constructive setup may be used. It fastens the reactions of a child and quickens body movements.
  • Avoid Junk Foods: Avoid junk foods for a child and concentrate to give him foods full with nutrition. Natural foods and fruits should be preferred. Foods rich with iron, calcium, proteins and vitamins are best for growing children.
  • Give Confidence: Keep talking and discuss different things with children and encourage them to question and think about new things. Give them confidence and do not scold them on mistakes but tell them with politeness. Answer their questions with patience. Allow them to feel free in your presence. Involve them in team sports.
  • Readings Books: Spend sometimes with your children in reading books with them. Involve them by reading some pages of a interesting book and then ask them to do the same. Listen them with interest while they are reading. Bring children's books for them and get them registered with a library. This shall inject the learning process on fast track.
  • Importance of Breakfast: Healthy Meal or Breakfast in the morning is as important as water for body and mental health. Children having the habit of taking healthy breakfast remain active for more time than those who do not take healthy breakfast. Thinking process remains positive with bodily health and bodily health is based on healthy food.
  • Increase Suspense and Sense of Learning: If children ask questions about new things don't discourage them and try to tell them about their questions; the question like who, how, when, where etc. create instinct in children regarding learning and that is a sign of healthy mind.

Writer is a Punjab Government servant (Pakistan). He writes voluntarily

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