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Stenographer and his career scope

May 31, 2014

A person who is recording shorthand and then typing it is called stenographer. Stenography is a good profession and demand of Stenographer is a pre-requisite in all the organizations i.e. government as well as private organizations.

Let us discuss the job opportunities for a stenographer and his career scope in Pakistan. In the present paper, we shall mainly focus on government sector wherein strength of stenographers is greater as compare to private sector.

As per an estimate, about 7000 posts pertaining to the work of shorthand / typing were advertised in different departments all over the Pakistan, for the last five years.

In all the government departments, stenographers play an important role in disposal of day to day official work in speedy manner. Dictation, typing, computer operating, attending telephone calls are majors duties of a stenographer. However, besides such duties Personal Assistant /Private Secretaries manages front office, meeting schedules and secretarial tasks of his boss.

Stenographer is hired in BS-14 through initial appointment either on the recommendations of Public Service Commissions, Departmental Selection Committees (DSC) and National Testing Services.

For initial recruitment, candidate must be intermediate with 70-80 words per minutes shorthand speed and 30-40 words per minute typing speed in the government departments alongwith basic computer knowledge.

For appointments in Courts, general criteria is that candidate must be graduate with 100-110 words per minutes shorthand speed and 50 words per minute typing alongwith basic computer knowledge.

In Secretariat Departments all over Pakistan, stenographer after completion of five years' service on regular basis are eligible for promotion in BS-16 as Senior Scale Stenographer / Personal Assistant. Senior Scale Stenographer / Personal Assistant on completion of five years' service are eligible for promotion as Private Secretary, BS-17 and Section Officer, BS-17. Such promotions are granted seniority cum fitness basis.

There are precedents where a stenographer got promotion as Deputy Secretary, BS-18 & Additional Secretary, BS-19. In other Non-Secretariat Departments, Stenographers have less chance of promotion as compared with the Secretariat Department.

In Courts, stenographer is appointed in BS-16 through initial recruitment either on the recommendations of PPSC or DSC as the case may be and with passage of time has opportunity to enjoy the BS-17, BS-18 and even BS-19 as Assistant Registrar, Deputy Registrar and Additional Registrar respectively.

In private organizations, official work is being carried out by stenographers in the capacity of Personal Assistant or Personal Secretary, who look after the front office, secretarial tasks and other day to day work of the boss. Journalists also learn stenography in order to get the news in speedy manner. The private law practitioners also hire the services of stenographers to draft the cases to be presented in courts.

In addition, being technical in his job, a stenographer easily may find part time job in the evening and earn about Rs. 4000 to 7000. Publishers, Copywriters, Media House, Law Firms, etc. He with experience may even teach interested candidates the short hand.

Disclaimer: is not responsible for the references/ figures of job positions mentioned in this post, which are based on wide research and may vary from one department to another.

Writer is a Punjab Government servant (Pakistan). He writes voluntarily


Posted by utsav

Sir, in Pakistan which book do you use for stenographer?

Posted by Adnan Hussain

Lots of Thanks

Give Me Required Information

I expected part time salary 15000 to 20000
And full time 40000 to 60000

Posted by Mian Umer Jamil

Hi Sir,

Kindly guide me that which one book is best for stenographer prepration.

Posted by Muhammad Ali

sir what is scope

Posted by Hasnain Ali

sir which one book is best for stenographer prepration.......

Posted by Talha

Thanks for info sir
I will try my best

Posted by basit ali

Aoa sir, Which type of shorthand use in government jobs for example gregg or pitman ???

Posted by A Habib

Dear Basit Ali,

Pitman shorthand.

Posted by A Habib

Best book for shorthand learning: "Pitman Shorthand Instructor and Key" by Sir Isaac Pitman.

Posted by Aamir

Dear sir,
Which type of General knowledge is best for short hand, stenographer, know, a lot of usage computerized system anywhere, how can follow, this period, for future.

Posted by Atta

Sir stenogarpher ke liay umer ki koi kaid ha ke nahi.

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