Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Jobs in UAE

Safety Officer
21 Mar 2023 - . will be responsible for the health and safety of staff in the workplace. The safety officer will compile safety programs and standardize them to remain consistent, a ...

Safety Officer
13 Mar 2023 - . well as share best practice techniques at regular staff meetings. Safety Officer Responsibilities: Compile safety programs. Practice safe working techniques. Im ...

HSE Officer
2 Mar 2023 - . years of relevant work experience in Health and Safety domain and successfully have completed the Abu Dhabi Occupational Health and Safety (OSHAD-SF) Practitioners Cour ...

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Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Jobs (3)
Human Resource (HR) Jobs (10)
Inventory Management Jobs (4)
IT Support Jobs (4)
Labor/Helper Jobs (20)
Maintenance/Repair Jobs (2)
Manufacturing and Production Jobs (5)
Marketing Jobs (6)
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Other Jobs (14)
IT-Networking Jobs (1)
Personal Care and Service Jobs (4)
Procurement and Supply Chain Jobs (4)
Public Relations Jobs (2)
Real Estate Jobs (1)
Sales Jobs (32)
Secretarial, Clerical & Front Office Jobs (19)
Security Jobs (6)
IT-Software Development Jobs (1)
Survey and Estimation Jobs (1)
Warehousing Jobs (12)

HSE Posts at Blog

Career Scope of Environmental Sciences in Pakistan

What is Environmental Sciences?

Environment is everything around us; living or non-living. Environment is in both the ecosystem as well as in social system. A new field of study was evolved as Environmental Sciences. It is a broad field which deals with every interaction by a living or non l... [ read ]

Career Prospects as Inspector Environment in EPA Punjab

Environment degradation is a serious issue and with passing of every day it is becoming worse and worse. There is ever growing concern over the matter and efforts are being concerted to deal with the issue. In Pakistan, awareness is increasing on the issue of Environmental Degradation and Environmen... [ read ]

Career Prospects as Assistant Director and Deputy Director Field in EPA

To run its field operations, Environment Protection Department (EPD), Government of the Punjab, has its set up at district level through its attached department i.e. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Punjab. EPA has its following key posts along with supporting staff to manage environment prote... [ read ]

Career Prospects in Laboratory / Research Cadre in EPA Punjab

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Punjab works under Environment Protection Department (EPD), Government of the Punjab. To run its official functions in districts, EPA has staff of Field-Cadre and Research/ Laboratory-Cadre. Field cadre is very effective in the field of environment but its Resea... [ read ]

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