PMS Exam - Syllabus Outlines of Islamic Studies and Ethics Subjects

Last update: January 01, 2021

Islamic Studies (Combination of Both Subjective & Objective) or Ethics (Combination of both Subjective & Objective) (for Non-Muslim Candidates) Subject in PMS Exam is one of compulsory subjects. Syllabus Outlines of Islamic Studies & Ethics Subjects for PMS Exam 2020 as defined by Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) Lahore is as under:

  1. Islamic Studies:
    1. Introduction to Islam: Advent of Islam, Fundamentals of Islam, Concepts and their Importance, Deen and its religious impact on individual and society; spiritual, moral and social impact. Basic Beliefs, Amar Bilmaroof and Nahi anil Munkir.
    2. Seerat-un-Nabi: Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a Messenger, Reformer, Administrator, Educator, Diplomat, Statesman, Military Leader etc.
    3. Early Islamic History upto Khulfa-eRashideen
    4. Human Rights in Islam including Status of Women, Rights of Minorities.
    5. Islam and the World: Impact on the West and vice versa; Role in the modern world; Contemporary challenges for the Muslim world and Muslim minorities in the world.
    6. Islamic Code of Life: Salient features of Islamic socio-political and economic system, judicial system and administrative system; Ijtihad & its forms.
  2. Ethics for Non-Muslims:
    1. Religions of the World-Revealed & Non- Revealed.
    2. Important Religious Books
    3. Contribution of Religions in Development of Societies.
    4. Ethics & Morality.
    5. Human Rights and Obligations.
    6. Commonality in Religions.
    7. Revelation

Total Number / Marks of Studies or Ethics: 100

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Posted by Saif ullah

Sir Islamic studies k lia kis writer ki book lni chaiya... Plz guide me

Posted by Mishi

Sir,wt abt recommended book of Ethics?

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