What is Pay Stage in Salary Slip

Last update: July 26, 2022

The pay stages are steps used to fix salary of a government employee in Pakistan. Actually, the government has defined pay stages in the salary system of the employees because all allowances, other than basic pay, admissible to the employees are dalculated on the basis of current basic pay of the employees. The basic pay is increased annually, therefore, pay stage of the employee is also stepped up to one stage higher every year. In simple words, pay stage means that the basic pay of the employee is at what stage.
The pay stages are also considered while fixing pay of a government servants in case of their new recruitment, promotion, move over, up-gradation of the post, revision of pay scales, re-employment into government service etc.

How many pay stages: There are 30 number of pay stages for government employees, however, these differ with respect to their basic scales. BS-1 to 16 has 30 stages, BS-17 to 19 has 20 stages whereas BS-20 to 22 has 14 stages.

What is pay stage: Suppose, a person is recruited in BS-17. Initially, his pay will be fixed at stage zero i.e. Rs.45,070/-. After one year of his service, he will be eligible for an increment of Rs.3420/- and, in result, his pay will be re-fixed to Rs.48,490/- reaching the pay stage 01. Therefore, every year he will get an annual increment and his pay stage will be increased one stage up as well. Other than annual increments, he can pass more stages if he gets promotion, upgradation or pay revision etc. while his service.

To know your pay stage, read your salary slip.

Writer is a Punjab Government servant (Pakistan). He writes voluntarily


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